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50mhz dx news

26 juin 2012
Hi, during the past days on the Magic band, I could add 5 new ones thanks to LY2TA, T77C, SV9GPV, 4X4DK & FJ/W6JKV !
This brings my worked DXCC number to 61 on 50MHz...

I could also work many new locators in Europe, filling some "holes" on the map : 230 gridsquares worked / 102 confirmed at this day... A long way to go but very happy with these results => conditions are increasing !
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
21 juin 2012
Hi, the Magic Band is sometimes quite open here in SW France, but the openings are very strange : sometimes listening to QRP beacons 579 and no human sigs on the band even when calling CQ, and sometimes it opens very strong in several directions but with strong QSB... Have to be at the right place at the right time !
3 new DXCCs (T7, ON & LY) & 9 new squares were added yesterday, thanks to all for QSOs !!
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
1 juin 2012
Hi all, yesterday I could work some USA stations on the Magic band, the first "real" NA opening of the year + K2MUB 2 days ago !
Many thanks to K9CT, W9SE, N5WS, N8MM, W3LPL, K2PLF, NW0W & KF6A... and sorry for VE2 guys calling me, I couldn't get you correctly, maybe next time ?
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
28 mai 2012
Hi all, the E-Sporadic  season started since some days on the Magic band !
Last week-end I could work 5 new ones thanks to C5YK (#49) from Gambia, and a great opening to West indies with FM8DY (#50), FG4NN (#51), 9Y4VU (#52) plus YV4DYJ (#53)... (missed 8P6BE)
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
21 mai 2012
Hi all, last Friday afternoon, a nice TEP on the Magic Band : 9J2BO from Zambia came here 569 with all EU calling him...
I waited his best signal to try by myself, and it was down the log (#47) !

This is my second QSO with Brian (10M CW). Zambia is still needed from 30M to 80M for all bands...
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
6 avril 2012
Hi, just back from job, I could work V51YJ from Namibia on 6M CW (#46), with a beautiful signal ! TEP propagation is magic, as this band !

Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
3 avril 2012
Hi all, not very active on air these times, I could even switch on the TRX and again enjoy some TEP propagation yesterday on 6M...
Some ZS stations again, I heard a Z2 beacon, and in backscatter I could work EA6SA from Balearic Isls (new one on 6M ! #45) + EA1DR who called me...

The magic band season seems to start early !
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
27 mars 2012
Hi all,
The strongest TEP opening I ever worked yesterday !!! All afternoon long, many EU's could work for our big pleasure many stations from South Africa (and some V5, TR, Z2, 9J...) !
I could log ZS6A in SSB (new mode for ZS on 6M) with a 5/6 report, and he called me in CW (569) when I tried some CQ... TNX Pierre !
Later (busy in the garden) I worked ZS6NK and ZS6CCY, they were just 5/9 !   The same report for me... incredible.

Thanks guys for QSOs on the Magic band !
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
19 février 2012
Hi all, another great opening to Africa today, with ZS6NK Paul from South Africa !!
With 8124 kms, this is my new ODX on the Magic band !
Starting 225 with 1-2 sec. bursts, then he grew up to 335-445 when we made the QSO, and finished here to 559 really great TEP !
Thank you very much Paul for a NEW ONE on 6M band (#44) !
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba
16 février 2012
Hi all, a great surprise this evening with an Africa opening on 6M band !!
I could work Alain TR8CA on 50.105MHz SSB on my first call, coming here 5/4, so I asked him to QSY in CW, he was 559...
Thank you so much Alain for an ALL TIME NEW ONE (#43) on the Magic Band !!
I heard later some pings from V51PJ but really too weak, maybe next time...
Already confirmed via LotW, as usually !
Chris F8DZY 0005-23ba

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